Seeker’s campaign

Digital marketing with the promo video, Kickstarter campaign, and more

What was done in Seeker project

Background info

At the end of 2014, I was part of a small fun project. Seeker’s founders intended to run their business mainly online by selling their products with the help of an e-shop and shipping them to customers in Denmark and abroad. However, they wanted to validate if people will buy their products before investing their saving into this business idea. Our team of 3 managed to help them establish a marketing strategy and a Kickstarter campaign to enable them to make these first difficult steps on their new journey.

My main contribution was to outlining their digital marketing strategy, storyboarding of the video material, researching and making persona profiles together with a customer journey map. The actual filming of the promo video was done by 3rd party agency where we were assisting on the set to follow the storyboard we planned initially.


Brand identity consultation.
Digital marketing campaign.
Communication strategy guide.
Mini-website design.
Promotional video.
Kickstarter campaign.

Proto personas to help with communication strategy

Daniel the traveler - persona
Anna the helper - persona

Customer journey maps to communicate the marketing strategy

Customer journey map - seeker project

Storyboarding to plan the video production

Storyboarding for video production

Promo video for the Kickstart campaign

Mini website to act as a landing page

Mini website design for seeker

Kickstarter campaign

Kickstarter campaign design