ICC – The Internet chess company

Digital product design, print design, and rebranding

ICC rebranding - logo usage

Background info

In the period of 2014-2015, I was working as a product designer for ICC (Internet Chess Company. I had the responsibility to drive the product design for the desktop clients (Mac and Windows), website, and mobile applications. In addition, I led the full rebranding initiative. The project was developed in tight collaboration with a small development team from Aalborg, business stakeholders, and chess masters (users of the applications).


Complete Rebranding.
Desktop application design for Windows and Mac.
Mobile app design.
Print and marketing designs.

Rebranding samples and deliverables

ICC final logo with tagline
Logo iterations
Discarded logo concepts
ICC business cards design
Final business cards design.
Brand design guidelines document
Brand design guidelines document

Custom icon set for the chess applications

Part of the rebranding efforts was to create a new chess-centered icon set for the digital applications.

Chess icon set samples

Desktop application samples

Desktop application of ICC
Tournaments UI
Tournaments UI
Lobby UI
Lobby UI
Broadcasting UI
Broadcasting UI
Challenges UI
Challenges UI
Chess training UI
Chess training UI

Wireframes samples for the ICC mobile app

Wireframes for ICC mobile app

UI samples for the iOS application

Part of the UI for the iOS application.

Print designs for marketing campaigns

Tri fold brochure for ICC
Magazine ads for ICC

Main challenges

At the time I was the only UI/UX designer employed, which made designing more difficult due to the lack of Design feedback sessions and simply having a sparring partner to assist me to elevate the designs further.

Another challenge was designing for desktop application for two different platforms and having to adapt interactions to fit the different usability patterns of both Windows and Mac users. Still, this challenge was a great learning experience for me and I would not change it even if I could.