Why I like being a Product Designer

I believe there is a need for more creators of valuable and sustainable outcomes. I love the feeling of understanding how things work or don’t. Then I enjoy the act of making the necessary improvements. Being part of the process of transforming challenges into opportunities gives me a powerful reason to wake up in the dark and rainy Danish mornings.

I prefer to work end to end and be involved in the whole process of product creation and maintenance. It allows me to understand the problems, challenges, and limitations that are framing the product concept. Architecting people’s experiences and what will be the response of the product to their actions is what energizes me the most.

If you want to chat reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Personal philosophy

Subdue the Ego, cultivate humility.
Keep the motion to have progress.
Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.
Collaboration is the multiplier.
Pragmatism over perfectionism.
Learn and improve on the go.

Daily work activities

Pre and post-production research.
Designing flows and UI.
UX/UI Writing (copywriting).
Facilitate clearer communication.
Testing and QA of developed designs.
Planning the future UX path.

Focused on studying

Visual communication.
Collaboration facilitation.
The art of writing.
Leadership and management.
3D modeling and visualization.
Acoustic guitar.