How I get inspired

Feeling inspired is such a great place to be! Unfortunately, most of the times it does not last for long. The human mind is built in such a way that it needs to be stimulated constantly in order to experience something and the feeling of enthusiasm and inspiration is no exception.  You will have to refuel with new visual, sound or other kind of stimulus most probably at least once per day. This will help keep up the creative process running and to be on the edge of the design wave.

In this article, I will share 9 tips of how I personally keep myself inspired. They work for me, hopefully they will work for you, too. The list below is not order by priority, so it does not matter if you decide to start from the bottom or the middle. Pick what seems relevant for you and take away what you need the most.

1. Read a book

Reading a book has multiple times inspired me to do different things in my life. But you might want to ask how this could help me in the design industry? Well if you think about it you just need to decide what you want to learn or just read about and search in Google. I bet you will be able to find a book for this subject.

By reading such new information for example on Service Design topic, you will start feeling inspired by this new knowledge, which is created in the process. You will be consuming examples of this type of design and the perspective of the author. You could say you will be contaminated with his passion about the subject. This seed of inspiration will grow quickly and you will soon want to implement some of the knowledge in your own work or maybe even learn more about the subject.

Reading a novel can also influence your inspiration levels in many ways. Because it will force your imaginations to start building worlds of what your mind already knows and to make different combinations in your head which might lead you sometimes to innovative design solutions. My advice is to make a personal habit to read everyday a bit of some book or at least ones per week.

2. Visit nature

Do not forget that you are part of nature. Most people tend to do that and they regret it at some point of their life. Even going for a walk in the near garden or park will tremendously refresh you! It will function as natural reboot of your brain and creativity. Also the biggest invention and designs were inspired by the nature itself. Look around you, everything has been evolving for millions of years. It has been polished so many times so that only the necessary elements have been left.

Try to draw inspiration from the nature, it has great power and it is part from you no matter if you want it or not. It is there just waiting for your attention.

3. Design safari

By this I mean to go and observe other designs. Either digital or real. Observe great designs and not so great. Analyse them and try to feel them. You will be amazed how much you can learn just by observing the work of others. Of course, do not steal, but fuse ideas and make them better. It takes 2 ideas to give bird to a new one. 🙂 So be creative and do not steal. Equip the necessary equipment and go for it. Experiment and learn!

4. Take pictures

Taking pictures with your camera is another way to gain inspiration. In the process of searching for subjects to take photos of, you will set your mind in a search mode which will allow you to spot many more details related to one topic. This will increase the information your brain is processing and memorizing thus creating this feeling of inspiration and satisfaction. Afterwards, you can transfer this to your designs and make them great!

5. Play games – not only computer ones

Playing games has been and it is still the easiest form of learning new things and skills. Play board games or any kind of game, don’t limit yourself  to the digital world only. Exchanging emotions with others will boost you tremendously. Also being social helps exchange ideas therefore give birth to new ones.

6. Help others

Give back to the community! Any way you can, even by helping one person you will feel so much better. The good emotions will trigger a nice mix of chemicals in your head which will result in uplifted mood and inspiration. Also you will be able to increase your social status and maybe change somebody’s life for the better.

7. Meditate

Meditation is way more complicated than what I will be writing here, so do not take it as a description or recipe how to meditate. The basic idea is to sit down in a comfortable position and place. Then you can close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. This will allow you to calm your mind. Try to keep it like that for several minutes and you will feel the effect afterwards.

If and most probably thoughts start coming to your focus, just try to observe them. This is usually the hard part so you might use this state to concentrate on some visualization about what you would like to achieve in future, by doing so you will let your brain experience positive emotions and from there on, enthusiasm and increase of inspiration.

8. Draw stuff

Find paper and pencil! Use them! This is all you need.

Drawing anything, no matter what kind of level you are at, will give freedom to your imagination and will train it. Also your drawing skills will increase by practicing frequently. By feeling the progress and the nice feeling of accomplishing a small sketch you will increase your inspiration level for sure.

Give it a try! Works every time from my experience.

9. Listen to music

As last I decided to point out one obvious way. Listening to music and not any kind but the right music, the one which sets you in the right mood is always effective. Hard to say which type of music works for everyone but try out and find out what is best for you. Give this harmless drug to your brain. Stimulate the neural networks inside and have an inspirational burst!

What methods do you use for getting inspired?

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